A ringbit is a Unit that is equivalent to ringID Digital Share Value.
Every New User joining the ringID Network generates ringbit. A Portion of generated ringbit is distributed among its user as a REWARD.

The value of Each Unit of ringbit will grow as the Network Grow!
Base Value 1 - 100M         1 RB = 1 USD
Base Value 100M - 200M 1 RB = 5 USD


Total ringbit


Rewarded ringbit

Mechanism of ringbit Generation

The generation of ringbits in the ecosystem will happen in five phases. The phases will be determined by the number of users in the network

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ringbit Generation & Distribution

The following charts show the generation of ringbits by block based on the total users and its distribution

ringbit Total Supply & Network Growth

The following charts show the growth of the network & supply of ringbits by block and the total ringbits in circulation at the end of each block

Road Map

Flow of ringbits